A Second Career Opportunity

Embark on a New Career with Hydrotex

The percentage of workers over age 50 grew from 20 percent to 31 percent between 1996 and 2012, reports the AARP.  Since the economic down turn of 2009, many Baby Boomers have been laid off from companies that they have been devoted to for decades.

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Hydrotex is First in the U.S. to Offer Redesigned perma STAR VARIO 2.0

Lubrication Solutions for Reliability-Centered Maintenance

Hydrotex, a manufacturer and distributor of high performance lubricant and fuel improver solutions, announced a strategic alliance with perma USA, the innovative leader of single and multi-point lubrication systems. Hydrotex is the first manufacturer in the U.S. to offer the redesigned perma STAR VARIO 2.0.

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Custom Lubrication Training

Dallas County Schools Partners with Vendors to Educate Technicians

Dallas County Schools’ technicians gathered for a day of classroom and technical training with Hydrotex®, Stewart & Stevenson and Alternator Service.

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