SYN-Nth™ Reduces Incidence of Valve Failure

Hydrotex® and Nestlé® Waters North America Reduce Component Failure and Improve Energy Efficiency

Results show over 13.5% improved energy efficiency

Dallas, TX, November 15, 2011 Nestlé® Waters North America (NWNA), in conjunction with Hydrotex® developed a collaborative program to eliminate servo valve failures in their Husky HyPET 500 units which caused costly downtime and multiple component replacement. The program also intended to extend drain intervals, reduce energy consumption, reduce bottom line costs, and be environmentally intelligent and appropriate for use in a food/beverage plant.

After two years, the program continues to demonstrate that use of Hydrotex SYN-Nth™ Hydraulic Fluid in this application, when combined with the principles of lubrication management, significantly reduces incidence of valve failure and improves energy efficiency. For the second year of monitoring, there have been no servo valve failures; the fluid analysis indicates no wear metals or oil degradation and the energy efficiency has improved by over 13.5% after 13,000 hours of operation.

Art Schrimpe, National Process Improvement Manager of Nestlé Waters stated, “Nestle Waters North America, Hydrotex and Husky® Injection Molding Systems worked together to trial and ultimately approve SYN-Nth for use in all of our injection molding systems. With our conversion to the new SYN-Nth hydraulic fluid, we have increased the mean time between failure of our components and our hydraulic systems run cleaner and generate less heat into the hydraulic fluid.

We lowered energy usage, which in turn reduces our carbon footprint. We have moved away from the annual replacement of oil, suggested by Husky for conventional oils, and after two years continue to see positive oil analysis reports on the viscosity and cleanliness. We are committed to the conversion of all of our Husky systems to Hydrotex. “Continuous Improvement” and “Respect for the Environment” are key “Aspirations & Beliefs” for us at Nestle Waters North America.”

Hydrotex® is a manufacturer and distributor of high performance lubricant and fuel improver solutions.  As an employee owned company, we help our customers develop sustainable solutions designed to improve system reliability, save energy, limit pollution, extend fixed asset life, reduce maintenance costs and improve fuel efficiency. Our products and services leverage over 75 years of innovation resulting in superior lubrication solutions and high touch customer service.

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