Innovation in Action

Hydrotex’s commitment to the lowest annual cost of sustainable lubrication has always been at the forefront of our operations.

We are committed to developing the right program tailored to the needs of each customer to reduce operating costs, extend equipment life and make businesses more profitable. With our Lubricants for a Healthier Planet initiative, we’re also working to bring clean energy, clean technology and environmental stewardship to the world.

Tomorrow’s World Today presents a cutting-edge approach to exploring concepts in science and technology that are changing lives today and making a difference tomorrow. The series introduces innovative pioneers from around the world who are forming new ways to utilize natural and technological resources to create a more sustainable society.

From condition based monitoring to lubrication and fuel management training, to the products that make a difference on our customers’ operations, here’s a first-hand look at how we provide compete lubrication solutions to our customers.

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