Wind Power

The Hydrotex Lubrication Management program for wind power reduces operating and maintenance costs while maximizing the reliability and uptime of critical power generation units.


A large portion of wind turbine field operating failures result from gearbox bearing failures. This type of failure is a direct result of poor lubrication and lack of routine maintenance.

Bearings in a wind turbine gear box must take extreme loads at varying speeds throughout the gearbox. The most extreme being a high-load/low‑speed condition which arises when winds are light and can lead to the breakdown of the lubricating film required for long bearing life.

Maintenance of wind turbine gearboxes require a trip for specially trained technicians to ascend hundreds of feet above the ground. With standard oil drain intervals of between 8 and 12 months this can be a costly and timely challenge.


Develop a sustainable Lubrication Management program to help lower the cost of maintenance while increasing up-time.

  • Reduce unscheduled downtime and maintenance.
  • Increase gear and bearing life under extreme operating conditions.
  • Extend oil and filter life in various components.
  • Improve cleanliness and extend life of pumps and valves.

The Hydrotex Solution

The Hydrotex Wind Turbine Lubrication Management program is designed to make your transition off of warranty or from a competitive supplier smooth and trouble free.

Our primary goal is to help you reduce maintenance costs, increase up-time, improve energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

Over 75 years of product development innovation delivers performance that excels under heavy loads, extreme temperatures, fluid agitation and water contamination.

Our wind turbine products are designed to extend drain intervals, provide maximum equipment protection and maintain system cleanliness.

Hydrotex product recommendations will also consolidate the number of grease products utilized, reducing the risk of up‑tower cross contamination.

All Hydrotex products are backed by our exclusive product warranty.

Hydrotex offers on-site lubrication training to enable your technicians to apply the correct lubricant at the right interval for each application. We will work with you to design an oil analysis program to meet your specific maintenance goals and objectives; an outside laboratory is used for the analysis.

In addition, Hydrotex Lubrication University courses are offered, free of charge, at the Dallas, TX headquarters.

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