Efficiency is at the core of Precision Agriculture.

Hydrotex is the perfect partner for agriculture producers who have adopted Precision Agriculture as their management philosophy. Hydrotex understands the challenges the agriculture industry faces when it comes to maintaining complex and expensive equipment.


Today’s farming is difficult enough without equipment trouble. The last thing a farm operator needs is downtime or the expense of repairing costly machinery.


Hydrotex leverages over 75 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing high performance lubricants and fuel improvers to agriculture producers in the United States.

Our goal is to:

    • Reduce maintenance costs
    • Improve fuel efficiency
    • Offer products that are environmentally sensitive
    • Provide our customers with a return on investment

Hydrotex lubricants are formulated using the latest technologies available in the lubrication industry.

The Hydrotex Solution

Partnering with a Hydrotex Consultant will guide you through a process of discovering the best options available and designing a tailored solution that best meets the needs of your unique operation. With more than 80 years of working with agriculture producers, our collective expertise across the country will assist you in keeping current with the changes in equipment technology and optimal lubricant practices.


Pivot System Grease is formulated specifically for agriculture applications to protect low speed enclosed gears subjected to heavy loads and water, while extending re-lubrication intervals.

  • Formulated specifically for Center Pivot Irrigation Gear Boxes
  • NLGI Grade “000” Semi-Fluid Grease
  • Superior Rust and Corrosion Protection
  • Extends Life of Gear Sets and Seals
  • Increases Uptime of Irrigation System during the Growing Season
  • Extend Gear Box Drain Intervals up to 6 years

    • Keeps gears sets and seals coated with lubricant during idle periods when they are most vulnerable to rust and corrosion
    • Hydrotex formula significantly reduces gear box failure due to loss of lubricant from worn or leaking seals
    • Eliminate interruptions in the irrigation cycle due to gear box and seal failure
    • Wipe out the demanding physical job of replacing gear boxes during the growing season.

Oil & Fuel Analysis Programs

These detailed and in-depth analysis programs identify potential problems before they cause equipment downtime. Our laboratories evaluate each sample to determine problems and report them so corrective actions can be taken; an independent laboratory is utilized for oil analysis and testing.

Hydrotex collaborates with customers on Lubrication Management, a reliability-centered process that focuses on solutions to enhance our customers’ overall operating model by reducing operating and maintenance costs and increasing reliability.

Select the Correct Lubricant and Fuel Improver Solution

Selecting the correct lubricant and fuel improver solution improves equipment efficiencies and reduces operating and maintenance costs. Hydrotex sells exclusively through our trained Hydrotex Representatives.

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