Lubrication University

Successful maintenance programs start with expert training in lubrication and fuel management.

Hydrotex® Lubrication Science and Management School is an intense 3-day course presented by Hydrotex experts and is the same training we give to our own Lubrication Consultants and Division Partners.

Attendees learn the science of friction, wear, and lubrication regimes, as well as practical chemistry of oils and greases enabling them to improve their maintenance practices and save time and money. Real-world examples are used to discuss the selection of fit-for-purpose oils and greases based on Load, Environment, Temperature, and Speed. Other topics include: interpreting oil analysis reports, proper lubrication techniques, and what goes wrong when lubricants are misused.

After covering the basics, the class is split into groups: Automotive and Industrial. This enables the remaining training to focus on applications specific to your needs. Our trainers have decades of experience working in the lubrication industry and can address specific questions related to your operations.

We believe educated customers are the best customers. That is why we are offering Lubrication Science and Management School to you at no expense other than your transportation costs to and from Dallas.

Custom training programs can be conducted at any location, offering an opportunity for Hydrotex customers to host application-specific classes on-site at their own facility.

Additional Hydrotex Lubrication University Professional Development Programs

Customer Specific Application Lubrication Training

Hydrotex Lubrication Consultants work directly with customers to determine the right lubrication solutions. The focus is to show customers how to implement the best lubrication practices, reduce overall costs, save energy, and reduce unplanned downtime.

Learn the same principles taught at Lubrication Science and Management School through our online Lubrication University training program. Visit to sign up and browse our courses.

Oil Analysis Training

Learn how to test the condition of your oil and safely extend drain intervals. Topics include How Oil Analysis Works, Sampling Methods, Evaluation Process, Testing, and Reading and Interpreting an Oil Analysis report.

Principles of Lubrication

A two hour long seminar covering basics in lubrication. Topics covered include: The Science of Friction and Lubrication, Properties of Lubrication, Enclosed Gear Oil, Hydraulic Fluid, Grease, Fuel, and Selecting a Fit-For-Purpose Lubricant.

Mobile Training Unit

Our Hydrotex Mobile Training Unit is a classroom on wheels. This big red truck hosts Hydrotex training programs throughout the US at trade shows and special events.

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