Clean Diesel Fuel Management

Hydrotex Clean Diesel Fuel Management is a data-driven continuous improvement process implemented with the on-site user to overcome the chemical and physical deficiencies of diesel fuel for increased performance, reliability, sustainability, and profitability. Hydrotex, along with Donaldson, partners with the customer to provide the knowledge, materials, and expert resources necessary for the successful ongoing application of Clean Diesel Fuel Management in their business.

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1.REMOVE External Contamination From Diesel Fuel

  • Your local distributor is required to deliver diesel that meets ISO Cleanliness 22/21/18. This is not clean enough for your equipment.
  • Filter incoming bulk diesel fuel to a cleanliness standard that ensures long-term reliable injector operation.

2.PREVENT Diesel Fuel from Generating Internal Contamination

Diesel fuel is subjected to high temperature oxidation and degradation in the common rail system.
Stabilize the fuel, prevent rust & corrosion, and clean-up injectors using year-round treatment with Power Kleen™ and Power Kleen™ Arctic.

Untreated Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel and B5 Cause Two Types of Deposits

  • Nozzle Tip Deposits
    A. High Heat – hard carbonaceous deposits
    B. Soft deposits caused by biodiesel
  • Internal Diesel Injector Deposits
    C. Caused by high heat and unstable fuel

3.TEST Diesel Fuel on a Regular Basis.

Hydrotex Clean Diesel Fuel Management minimizes costly unplanned downtime by removing dirt, water, and other contamination before your fuel ever touches your equipment. Hydrotex diesel fuel analysis for measurement of contamination levels and stability ensures total fuel system reliability.

Fuel cost is the No. 1 operating expense for fleets, by utilizing a Clean Diesel with Power Kleen™ our customers see an Average of 4% Fuel Economy Improvement.

Clean Diesel with Power Kleen will help to maintain and protect your equipment to improve operating efficiency and reliability uptime.

Hydrotex and Donaldson have joined forces with local fuel distributors to geographically map and sample diesel storage tanks as part of a nationwide project that brings to bear the combined global resources and technologies of this alliance to establish a large searchable data set by ASTM test method for targeted application to local fuel reliability and performance solutions.

Guided by O.E.M. recommendations and actual ASTM test results from your tanks, the program will allow the correct application of a suite of processes and products to insure that optimum design efficiencies and longevity of the new low emission diesel engine platforms are achieved.

Initial benchmark testing and an ongoing “Condition Based Monitoring” will be provided at no cost to individual fleet operators who participate. The results will be confidential and remain the property of the fleet owner for use as a tool in establishing better R.O.I. on fuel and related maintenance expenses. Regional data will be combined in anonymous sets to be analyzed and tracked to establish helpful overall trends and recommendations or new product development and application strategies.

Hydrotex experienced all the problems Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel brought with it, just like our customers. Higher prices, market volatility, fuel component failures and storage issues, just to name a few. Accessing “best in class” industry resources, we started in the early 1990s researching and testing chemical and physical methods to improve fuel quality and deliver better reliability and performance. Our experience in this effort, combined with strategic market timing and control, “inventory monitoring and storage control” has evolved into a continuous improvement process we call “Clean Diesel Fuel Management.”

“This boots on the ground approach to designing and applying solutions locally to the challenges presented by ULSD and Biodiesel blends provides the shortest route to dramatic improvements.”
-John Cummins, Hydrotex, 2015

“Until now, the combination of ULSD and renewables has been like the weather for individual fleet operators, everyone complains about it, but nobody ever does anything about it. This program has finally answered some important questions for me, and given me concrete, measurable improvements to my maintenance practices.”
-Dennis Munro, Blanco Farms, 2015

“Though all fuel purchased, delivered and consumed in the United States should meet ASTM D975 specifications, the fact is that this standard is not adequate for end-users running newer equipment. In addition, delivery, handling, and storage practices produce wide variances in cleanliness and filterability of the actual fuel dispensed.”
-Scott Grossbauer, Donaldson Company, 2015

View our interactive Fuel Quality Map. For more info, click on the map below.

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