Our Programs

Improve Output Capabilities | Reduce Operating Costs | Increase Profitability | Sustainable Solutions | Industry-leading Innovation

Hydrotex provides the expertise and ideas needed to put sustainable solutions to work for its customers. Call on Hydrotex for tailored programs to achieve the lowest cost of use of sustainable lubrication.

Expertise that makes a difference in your business is what sets Hydrotex apart.

Industry-leading innovation, continuous training and a commitment to improving ROI for customers enable Hydrotex representatives to create solutions for positive changes now, and to set the path for the future.

Hydrotex provides customers:

  • Consultative partnerships with guaranteed savings
  • Structural reporting, quarterly reviews and follow-ups
  • Operation analysis and plant surveys
  • Critical equipment identification
  • Cost analysis, ROI and energy studies
  • Process improvement and implementation plans
  • Product introduction, time tables, and process management
  • Fuel and oil analysis
  • Plant equipment inspections
  • Training and continuing education programs
  • Dedicated field consultants

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