Hydrotex Introduces New Food-Grade Flush for Food & Beverage Processing Plants

DALLAS – – June 29, 2017 – – Hydrotex, a national manufacturer and distributor of high performance lubrication and fuel improver solutions, is adding to its food-grade products family with Majestic 800 Food-Grade System Flush. This value-based, ISO 46 high solvency synthetic fluid can be used to clean and flush gearboxes, compressors and hydraulic systems to ensure system cleanliness during fluid changes. It also benefits bearings, centralized lubrication systems, chain drives and rotary lobe blowers.

Majestic 800 Food-Grade System Flush is an H1 registered, Kosher certified product. It can be used in any processing facility where there is the possibility of incidental contact with food or food ingredients.

Lubrication best practices direct that all systems should be flushed between fluid changes and after breakdowns and repairs. This cleansing process removes debris buildup and protects against contamination from previously used fluids. Flushing after repairs helps remove debris that might have become dislodged from repair manipulations or from tools and materials used to make the repair.

“Equipment flushing is considered an integral component of fluid management in preventative and predictive maintenance programs,” said Eric Cline, Ph.D., director of research and development.  “Unfortunately, many operations wait to flush their systems until after the system is already in distress and problems are occurring. Waiting until this point to address cleanliness issues can be costly.

“Also, operators can unintentionally cross-contaminate when changing fluids,” he continued. “They may drain the system and reservoir but ignore the fluid residue that coats lines and containers, inadvertently contaminating the new fluid.”

Packaging includes 275 gallon totes, 55 gallon drums, 20 gallon kegs, 5 gallon pails and cases of one gallon jugs. All packaging will include the distinctive green labels that Hydrotex assigns to its food grade products to help customers distinguish them from non-food grade products and protect against contamination.

For more information and guidance flushing your machinery, contact your local Hydrotex representative. If you don’t know your local representative please contact the Hydrotex corporate office at 1-800-527-9439.

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