Career opening

Maintenance and Facilities Supervisor


Full Time / Permanent


High School Degree


1+ year experience


$50,000 annual

Skills and Traits

  1. Strong Verbal and Written Communication. For teams to function effectively, supervisors must have strong communication skills
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Ability to Delegate
  4. Being Flexible
  5. Maintaining a Positive Attitude
  6. Passion for the Organization
  7. Diversity Awareness
  8. Problem Solving

Job Description:

Manage and oversee all necessary maintenance, safety and security policies relating to the operation and management of the Tulsa Facility.

Coordinate maintenance and repair services as well as supervising contractors.

Solicit bids from vendors, negotiates pricing and time frames and secures work with vendor. Works with contractors and outside vendors.

Manage all special projects for the building including remodeling and design.

Manage all facilities equipment, but not limited to: HVAC, Security, Plumbing and Electrical Systems.

Manage and implement building emergency procedures (i.e. Lighting, Roof, Fire Sprinklers/Alarms)

Manage Security Operations for facility entry and camera systems.

Responsible for meeting or exceeding Safety, Quality, Reliability, Delivery, Organization Capability, Sustainability and Cost Targets for Plant.


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