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Hydrotex® is committed to developing the most appropriate solutions for our customers.

We have over 300 products which are currently being utilized and even more products in research and development. We frequently develop a unique solution/product for a customer just to insure we keep our Hydrotex Promise; we provide superior solutions tailored to each customer.

Our products provide solutions across all our defined Market Segments, ranging from Food Processing and Agriculture to Utilities and Sanitation and from Pupil Transportation and Fleets to Textiles and Building Components.

As Proud Americans, the Hydrotex Team develops and manufactures all of our products in the USA. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and all of our products are designed to insure Industry Performance Standards such as API, NLGI, SAE, DIN, NSF, and ISO.

We stand behind every Hydrotex Product because we know there is not a better solution to be found. Anywhere. Period.


A Few Solutions We Provide:

  • Extending Maintenance Intervals
  • Decreasing Downtime
  • Reducing Energy Costs
  • Improving Productivity
  • Extending Equipment Life
  • Delivering Earth Friendly Products
  • Formulating Products to Eliminate Known Carcinogens
  • Providing Reliable Cold Weather Performance
  • Improving Fuel Performance & Efficiencies
  • Decreasing Harmful Emissions
  • Decreasing Internal Rust and Corrosion
  • Meeting Specific Lubricity Requirements to Protect Equipment
  • Addressing High Temperature Requirements
  • Providing Solutions for Heavy Loads