Division Partner

As a successful Division Partner, you will be part of a unique nationwide virtual organization owned by its independent contractor field representatives and staff. To grow our company, we are intent on adding more Division Partners, the key position in our growth strategy. If you are a strong, entrepreneurial leader, you can own your business for yourself, but not by yourself. This is NOT a multi-level marketing program and no franchise fees or inventory purchases are required.

Hydrotex Division Partners provide sustainable lubrication solutions to industrial, commercial and institutional end users. Division Partners act as the local CEO and lead all sales, marketing, customer service and logistics functions related to lubrication solutions in a defined exclusive market. They are the highest paid executives in our company and are among the best paid field representatives in our industry. The compensation package includes sales commission and span of control override pay with a generous benefit package including retirement once your ability is demonstrated. New Division Partners receive heavy training and staff support as well as special incentives during their startup period.

Headquartered in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Hydrotex Partners designs, manufactures and distributes a wide variety of sustainable lubrication solutions to lower operating cost, save energy, improve reliability and reduce carbon footprints. Hydrotex is a professional consultative sales organization, serving small manufacturing companies, major industrial facilities, construction/transportation fleet operators, agri-business and government. We support customers in all 50 States. The company provides timely lubricant and fuel science to our staff, sales force, customers and the public through our rigorous, nationally recognized Lubrication University.

The company maintains up-to-date information and forecasts on the latest industry trends, applications, and product technology developments. Our products include a complete line of Hydrosynthetic greases, heavy duty automotive and industrial lubricants, fuel improvers, and food grade products as well as high technology maintenance consulting services.

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