Management Trainee | Tulsa, OK

Hydrotex is looking for an Management Trainee. The successful candidate will be responsible for the following:

  • Produce material as defined in compounding process work
  • Monitor compounding vessels, pumps & screw process conditions and record process information as defined in work instructions
  • Monitor secondary systems supporting compounding operations and record process information as defined in work instructions
  • Understand whether equipment is functioning properly by participating in preventive maintenance, adjustments, repairs, and cleaning of equipment/work environment
  • Supports modifications and improvements of equipment to improve/maintain the operation
  • Learn to monitor all control equipment to see that it is performing properly
  • Learn to monitor and maintain the performance of all components i.e. loss in weight, zone temperature controllers, compounder and drive motors, etc. in the compounding process
  • Checking and cleaning fume collections systems so that they are operating properly
  • Complete maintenance activities as prescribed
  • Collaborates with teammates and other departments
  • Assist in repairs
  • Record all incidents of process variations
  • Assists Engineers in incorporation of changes to equipment and processes
  • Performs changeovers to defined standards to meet product specifications
  • Understands the safety needs of the process and works within the parameters defined to protect the equipment, facility and coworkers
  • Rotate as required through multiple jobs
  • Knowledge of product, process, and customer’s expectations within the value streams (upstream and downstream of the process)
  • Support and participate in Employee Engagement activities
  • Support respectful workplace
  • Other duties as assigned by Supervisor

We are prepared to offer a qualified candidates our full benefits which in includes vacation, health insurance and company ownership.

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