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Hydrotex has evolved from a “cowboy” culture to a high-tech, high-performance industrial lubricants company. “It’s been like a cultural earthquake,” says company President and CEO John Beasley. “Over the past twenty years, we’ve gone from a traditional direct sales company based on western culture to a very high tech approach that is engineering and science oriented,” he notes.

Hydrotex is a leading manufacturer of high performance lubricants and fuel improvers. The company helps its customers develop sustainable solutions to improve system reliability, save energy, limit pollution, extend fixed asset life, reduce maintenance costs and improve fuel efficiency.

The company was founded in 1936, making it one of the oldest and most respected firms in its field. It was first located in the Wilson building in downtown Dallas, across from Neiman Marcus. In its early days it sold a line of protective coatings, such as roof coating, sealants and paint.

The company had several locations before moving to its current headquarters at 12920 Senlac Drive in Farmers Branch. Hydrotex also owns a manufacturing plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma and maintains more than thirty distribution centers located strategically across the nation. Hydrotex is one of the few grease manufacturers in the country.

Protection of the environment is a major concern at Hydrotex and the company is committed to business methods and technologies that reduce emissions and toxic waste as well as conserve valuable natural resources. The company considers ecological stewardship a core value and insists on a number of precautions to help protect the environment in executing its Lubrication Solution Partner Strategy.

For example, Hydrotex formulates its products to eliminate known carcinogens and its fuel improvers substantially reduce harmful exhaust emissions. In addition, Hydrotex fuel improvers increase fuel economy through more efficient combustion and extend fuel efficient performance by keeping engines clean. Hydrotex synthetic engine oils, gear oils, and transmission fluids also improve fuel economy and reduce waste oil.

The combination of Hydrotex’s consultative service and product technologies reduces energy consumption in industrial applications. The company develops non-toxic, bacterial-resistant grease, high performance food-grade lubricants, and Hydrosynthetic® industrial and automotive lubricants allowing for exceptionally long drain intervals, thus conserving petroleum resources and reducing waste oil disposal into the environment.

One of the more popular Hydrotex products is Essentialube®. First introduced in 1946, Essentialube has been continually improved over the years to become recognized world-wide as a unique, multi-functional performance product. Essentialube is safe for use in fuel systems and as a blending and cleaning agent in engine oils, hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, and a multitude of other applications.

As an employee-owned company, Hydrotex brings a unique approach and attitude to the workplace. The company has a number of long-time employees who work together in a collaborative group.

“The culture of this company is very unique,” comments Dwight Gleaves of Dallas, who has been with the company forty-four years. “With our company, what you see is what you get,” he says. “The friendships and relationships we have established with our customers is what make us Your Lubrication Solution Partner®.”

“Hydrotex is a family company,” adds Arch Archilla of Dallas. “We work together, everybody supports everybody else, and we sell excellent products.” Archilla retired as a regional sales manager after fifty years, but still services some of his long-time customers.

Another long-time employee, Kermit Nash, believes “finding solutions is the key to our business.” Nash, headquartered in North Carolina, has sold Hydrotex products since 1974 and has seen tremendous change during his career. “We used to be 90% agriculture but now we offer a multitude of products for a wide variety of industrial applications. If Hydrotex doesn’t have the right lubricant for a customer, we will seek to create the right lubrication solution,” he explains.

With more than 300 products, the Hydrotex market includes many segments, from family farms to the big oil companies who use Hydrotex products in their exploration. Hydrotex helps school districts save money and reduce pollution with energy saving lubricants and fuel improvers. In Texas alone, more than 60% of the school districts purchase Hydrotex products and across the nation, the company has trained over 13,000 school bus technicians in proper lubrication methods.

In addition, Hydrotex developed Lubrication University and offers fundamental and customized lubrication training either at their corporate office or at their customers’ facilities across the nation. Lubrication training is a vital step in developing and maintaining successful maintenance programs and is the cornerstone to their reliability centered maintenance approach.